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PS4 is a frame synchonization multimedia sever,developed and produced by Hunan Bowan Technology Co., Ltd. that specially designed for multimedia fields such as exhibition halls, immersive pavilion, stage performances.The product has powerful functions, flexible and convenient operation, high stability ,high performance cost ratio.
PS4 sever can complete not only ultra high resolution pixel-to-pixel frame synchronization display, but the display of a variety of special-shaped screens, it also has a professional  program arrangement function for stage performance.


Mutimedia sever synchronization,complete the pixel-to-pixel display of the large screen.
Built-in sync card,nanosecond synchronization clock, achieve multi-servers or multi-graphics synchronization.
Master and backup sync in real time and automatically seamless switch.

4+1channel output mode

Breaking the barrier that traditional servers

must take one graphic port to be used for monitor.

PSX server has a separate DVI monitor port from

integrated video card. Graphics card 4 output port.

Solve the problem that the graphics' 4 output can only use 3.

Hardware decoding

Decodes with GPU hardware Make the most of graphics card Balance

workload Play HD video without problem.

Multimedia play

Support  play and control various format of video、audio、picture、PPT、subtitles、NDI、Network streaming media、4K capture card、weather widget、colck、countdown、webpage.

A variety of planning arrangements

Vod plan editing method is easy to operate, programming takes only three

steps to shorten time.

A variety of planning arrangements

Timeline programming, placing material automatically create layers, multiple layers free output, multiple timelines are played independently, and the main timeline supports TC control. 

A variety of planning arrangements

The parameters of 24 attributes and effects can be changed with the play process, multiple effects can be flexibly used in conjunction with each other.

Product parameters

Break away from traditional server adapter design, adopt modular isolation scheme. No blue screen or system reboot with the high stability.

Other features

Remote control: Switch plan remotely through phone or PAD which connected to a LAN.
Time cropping: Crop the video and select the clips you want.
Video synthesis: Synthesize images, audio, video into a new video.
Custom layout: Window layout can be arbitrarily adjust and save to meet different usage habits.
Projection fusion template: Support saving multiple projection fusion templates, which can be switched with timeline instructions or plans.
Screen color adjustment: Adjust screen brightness and contrast individually or globally to enhance the overall effect.
Low quality transcoding: Reduce the resolution, quality, and frame rate of the material as required, and freely balance the smoothness and quality.
Independent play: The videos in the timeline plan can be played independently without global pause control.