New idea  New concept

leading the trend of broadcasting technology

This is a“splicer”4 main & 4 backup output

Q5has 4 main & 4 backup output

esay to build a backup system

Q5 Supports customized resolution

connect to sending card directly

loads 960million pixels

Maximum width 15,360 pixels

Maximum 6,144 pixels

This is a“switcher”dual DP ture 4K input

Q5 has 6 HD input

Supports 2*DP4K@60Hz

Every DP port supports 8K×1K@60hz maximum

Q5 supports any knid of layout of windows

not limited by pathway

Q5 can take a BG whenever is suitable

This is a “controller”overall look

Q5 equips a 15.6 inch LCD touchscreen

aviation class T-bar handspike

76 shortcut keys

4 control knob

realize concise and fast switch

This is also a “monitor”15.6 inch industrial display

Q5 equips a 15.6 inch industrial touchscreen

1920×1080 full HD display

450nits brightness, 72%NTS

seeable under bright lights

This is also a "software"Visual interactive management

LCD touchscreen usage 1:monitor

live monitoring pre-edding&outputs

shows status of inputs

LCDtouchscreen usage 2:smart control

using finger(or mouse)to

 operate  the whole process 

realizing real visual interactive management

This is also a“Broadcast console”U-disk plugin

built-in operating system

plug in a U-disk to import files 

supports playlists

BG video

This is also a “MIDI”Controllor controls Broadcast software

Q5 can connect to kommandor softwares

one-click swith

software、controllor handled by one

switch without lag

This is a "Safey Guarantee"KiR intelectual regnization techonology

Q5's unique KiR intelectual regnization techonology

When main server's software crashes,Q5 will automaticly

switch to the backup server

Q5 will automatically switch to Backup server